Governane as practice: contribution to the concept of governance from the perspective of social practice.
The objective of this theoretical essay is to discuss the concept of governance in its different spectra, and to propose a discussion from the perspective of social practice. Consequently, it comprises an introduction that presents the objectives of the article, a review of the major works discussing the issue of governance, and a return to the perspective of social practice, from the theory of structuration understanding presented by Giddens (2003) placed into the discussion of strategy as social practice; finally, the understanding of governance-as-practice is proposed, and a perspective of governance under the gaze of social practice is adopted, concluding with some final considerations that present reflections for future developments. The essay points to the understanding that the concept of governance should be seen apart from its positive and normative nature, from a multilevel perspective which deals with the complexity of the organizational phenomenon and its constitutive relations